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Total E&P Indonesie

Total E&P Indonesie
PSA - Recycled Paper

For Earth Day, we created this newspaper campaign for Total E&P Indonesie, to inform and remind people of the consequences for wasting so many papers instead of recycling it. Billions of dollars wasted and it would destroy our beautiful natural resources until one day, we might found every living being replaced by paper

Total E&P Indonesie
Corporate Ad

A corporate campaign on HSE (Health Safety and Environment) development. The ad focuses on sustaining environmental issues as part of a global campaign from Total in every country where they operates. Here we stressed on the beauty of Indonesia while addressing both local and international communities to work hand in hand in preserving the environment

Total E&P Indonesie
Recruitment Ad

A recruitment ad is usually boring except for those who seek for jobs. We believe that every ad that shows in public should be treated with care just like any other brand communication Recruitment ad carries the corporate/brand image, it carries the quality of the company and the individual who runs it. We proposed something different for Total E&P Indonesie recruitment ad and as we thought before, the result are tremendous, with more than 60% higher grade applicants than what an ordinary recruitment ad usually achieve

Total E&P Indonesie
2006 Calendar

Quality graphic design tells a thousand words to the market. Total E&P Indonesie always look at he design first before they open the quotation envelope. They always want the best whenever it has to do with their corporate image. The amazing illustration of the traditional music instrument was provided by them and we design the calendar to make it world class quality

Total E&P Indonesie
2005 Calendar

The theme for Total E&P Indonesie calendar 2005 is Indonesian butterflies. Total provide beautiful images of various rare butterfly and we design the calendar. Everybody was very happy with the result, unfortunately we didn't get the job since we failed in the administration task. Well, that's life, nevertheless we're still satisfied to be able to come up with this design so that's why we put it here.

Total E&P Indonesie
10th Indonesia Fire and Rescue Challenge 2006


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