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The world has getting smaller and yet,
the market are getting even more diversified.
Brands competing fiercely to gain longer buying cycle, bigger revenue and better market share. Every company seeks for value, delivering same or better results in much more cost effective ways.

Our services ranging from simple and cost effective logo design, to comprehensive annual reports. From simple consultation to complicated and strategic marketing communication approach. From advertising for print to filming corporate activities in the middle of Borneo jungle.

With smaller budget constraints for media,
we believe that the solution lies in powerful contents to create strong brand preference. Without good strategy with great contents to deliver the message, any media placements anywhere would be
a waste of money.

From local to international jobs, traditional to digital and both, Xstream® strive to provide the best possible results.

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Corporate Relationship
& Communication

Event Organizing
& Conferences

Graphic & Visual Design

Digital Imaging
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Audio Visual
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2D & 3D Animation

Web & Interactive Design

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