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Musee & Enesys

Various product campaign for JVC TV, Musee and the home theatre Enesys. The key philosophy that we built for JVC for over 5 year is the JVC world of entertainment where every visuals should be entertaining because every JVC campaign will be applied to various medium from print ads to truck panel. The strategy of visual entertainment approach has able to create a significant increase brand image and brand value which resulted in high awareness and sales toward JVC to compete with other big brands.

Never Been Better

The visually entertaining campaign of ‘Never Been Better' was created to communicate JVCs vast array of product line. Entertainment hasn't been better with JVC

Dragon's Pick Thematic Campaign

JVCs Dragon's Pick technology allows you to play imperfect DVD disc with your JVC home theatre or CD / DVD player. We create a series of campaign that can communicate the benefits of the new technology in
a user friendly messages. The campaign are very successful in creating market brand switching.

World Cup 2006

Few international event can match the greatness, excitement and noise than the World Cup. JVC has been a regular official sponsor for the great event, this year JVC is the official sponsor for the team of UK and what can be better that to have David Beckam or Wayne Rooney on the campaign. We develop the print ads, POS up to booth for product displays in various malls.

Hi-End 2006 Catalogue

Designing a catalogue was never an easy job, if what we want to have
is a high quality one that is. The challenge of a catalogue is to make
the customer feel and fell in love with the product by a journey
of emotional value with the brand. Logic will kick in when they see
the price at the store but when the brands is already in your heart,
price is a subjective issue. Building trust and love is the difficult part,
even in a catalogue.

Enesys Print Ad

Musee Print Ad


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