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PT Alfa Retailindo Tbk.
Annual Report 2005

Our survey shows that Alfa Supermarket has been perceived as an old fashioned supermarket compared to other 'giants' and the market might start to lose it's trust on the company's performance. We developed the annual report and rejuvenate the public perception with a very fresh, positive and modern look, enhance by powerful writings that was distilled from the Directors point of view. The annual report shows Alfa has never lost its spirit and ready to face any challenges

PT Alfa Retailindo Tbk.
Annual Report 2006

We are again assigned for the Alfa Retailindo Tbk Annual Report 2006. The last annual report has a very positive response therefore we kept the style of fresh, colorful and optimism in the 2006 annual report while not forgetting to put great corporate ‘weight’ by selecting some of the words of the BOD as well as BOC as a page quotes.

Just like the previous one, photography has been a major factor and we executed it with great quality and fun which is clearly shown in the optimism shared by the BOD and BOC at the photo sessions.




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